Something Lost

Kill Something!

The group continued to explore the underground sanctuary of the goblins. Deciding to follow the path to the west they head off into the darkness. After discovering a hidden door they decide to explore the cavern first sending the rogue to the south. This didnt end well for the poor rogue as he was nearly eaten alive by a few Carrion Crawlers.

After dispatching the crawlers the group heard the cries of a women in pain asking for help. Deciding the best way to rescue her was to bash the door down, they proceed to scratch the door at most. This of course woke up a good portion of the dungeon and they were swarmed by goblin skulkers, archers, worgs and even the Ogre they had been tracking.

After this they rescue the lady who turns out to not be what she claimed. The poor farm girl turned into a Succubus. She quickly turned half the party into her most trusted allies. Lucky for them a magical beast was nearby that helped them banish the demoness. Tracking down the voices they run into an odd looking Psuedodragon with two heads. The two heads seemed to not like each other and one of them kept trying to bite the other. The party decided to free the poor creature and it seemed to take a liking to the party wizard.

Continuing on the group found a detatchment of orcs. Storming in without thinking they set off a trap, which did as much harm as good. After a close fight where the party came very close to losing a member they pulled out the win and found a note on the Orc leader.

“You are to ensure the ruse goes off without a hitch, you are to do nothing else to get in the way of our plans. -Zed-”
A Simple Task

After the encounter with the troll, our fearless band of adventureres continues to head north in hot pursuit of the missing child. Shortly into their day they arrive at the river and notice a house on the rivers edge with what look like a bunch of smashed boats on the docks. As they approach they happen upon and old man, the apparent owner of this small plot of land.

This old man is sobbing and calling out for Emily. Our heroes decide to try and find out whats wrong. Through his sobbing they manage to find out that Emily is his cow and that he wont tell them who came through smashing up all his boats until he has his cow back.

Heading east they come upon the cow in around a half hour. Unfortunately the cow is in dire straigts. It appears that a group of Kobolds thought to get themselves an easy meal but only managed to chase the cow into the river. The kobolds are easily scared off by our heroes, leaving them with the dilemma of rescuing a cow from a river.

The team works as one to get the cow back to shore. This endeavor ended up being more trouble than our heroes were excpecting. One team member slipped, got knocked out and almost drowned. Another had issues trying to get a rope around the cow so they could drag her back to shore. Overall a simple task ended up being incredibly difficult. Finally successful they lead “Emily” back to the home of the old man. Overjoyed by the return of his prized cow, the man imparts a few tidbits of information about who passed through.

After the return of the cow, the man sets on working to fix a couple boats for the brave young adventureres to use in their pursuit of the Ogre and Orcs that passed through carrying a sack. The team decides to help out, with some directly working to fix some boats and others working to fix dinner. Successful in the repair of the boats, but quickly falling behind their targets they manage to talk the old man into lending them a ring that his wife used to use in order to travel faster on the river.

The next morning they head out, making up alot of time with the aid of the ring. After almost a full day of traveling they spy their target’s boat scuttled on the edge of the river. Heading inland they manage to find an entrance to an underground structure. Storming in, swords’a’blazin they manage to defeat the goblin horde that was holed up in the first room of what may end up being many in this underground building.

The Start of Something?

After waking up in the barn, our team goes out trying to figure out what happened. With the ominous voice telling everyone “Save the child”, the new group of adventures spreads out across the town of Thornhurst trying to find answers. Shortly thereafter they are attacked by a group of Goblins led by a powerful Orc. With some superior tactics and the sacrifice of a few of the town militia, they manage to stave off the attack.

The question now, was this a diversion? While our heroes were busy fighting, a child is kidnapped from the other side of the small village. The group agreed to return the child to its mother, immediately setting off on the trail of the kidnappers. They follow the tracks north towards the river. With night falling they decide to find a place to rest for the night.

During the night, the group notices a large figure spying on them in the darkness. After figuring out that it was indeed a troll, they keep an eye on it for the rest of the evening, during which, it showed no signs of agression. While the group was tearing down camp, someone decided to try and scare it off. Using a flaming arrow to try and scare it off, all they managed to do was piss it off. A furious struggle erupted with the group using clever tactics to subdue the troll before running away from it.

Our heroes lived to fight another day, perhaps a bit wiser for the experience.

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